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No Microphone, No Problem

Thanks to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, it is not easy to buy the microphone that you want. Until your microphone comes back in stock at your favorite audio-video store, here is a workaround — something you can do to get a good sound with your voice.

  1. Use your Facebook Messenger app, on your computer, to record your voice. Speak slowly and clearly into your computer. \
  2. Facebook automatically processes your voice to make an excellent sounding recording.
  3. Now open up your Facebook page in your computer web browser, with this URL:
  4. Now you see your Facebook mobile page in your desktop web browser.
  5. To the right of your audio files you will see 3 dots.
  6. Click the 3 dots and then choose DOWNLOAD — the audio file of your voice — an .mp4 file — will download to your computer Downloads folder.